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If so, please leave a comment. We want to address any issues you have ASAP!

We are thankful for you!

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Unfortunately, if the app is deleted, the data is deleted. There is an update coming soon which will use iCloud to store and save your entries using Apple’s iCloud. We’re also researching good alternative backup solutions.
In the mean time, the best way to save your entries is to not delete thankful until the upcoming update (ok, we know that’s not a great solution), or open each entry and save it to something else temporarily (ok, we know this is not great either), or post each entry to Twitter or Facebook (not ideal either).
We are working on the iCloud saving solution as our #1 next priority.

Thank you very much for pointing out that you are using iOS 6. Thankful is using some iOS 7 specific code, which will unfortunately crash on an iOS version less than 7.

So there are 2 options for you:

1. Update to iOS 7. It’s awesome! This should fix the problem you are seeing right away.

2. Wait for the next update to thankful (it may be a few weeks for Apple to review and approve the update).

I tried out the counter to see how it works, but would now like to start officially, and want to reset the counter, but cannot figure out how to. I’ve tried logging out of my Apple ID at the App Store and deleting the app, then downloading it again. But each time I open it, it reflects the old number. How can I edit this?

Great timing Sarah!

First of all, thank you for using thankful!

Second, version 2.5 of thankful has been submitted and will be available soon with a new feature for resetting the counter to whatever you’d like (up to 1,000,000).

I can wait for the update and we hope you enjoy it too!

We are #thankful for you!

I have been using this app for quite a while and I have always backed it up in my google drive. I went to do that this time and it won’t let me. It just keeps saying “an email account is needed for you device.” I have looked everywhere, but I don’t see where to add an email.

Thank you for your question, Ashley.

Will you please try going to your device’s Settings app, and go to Mail, and then Accounts to see if you have an email account setup? Apple requires an email account setup here in order to use the built-in email to send email.

If that doesn’t work, please let us know at and we can help you further.

Thank you!
Paul at Eddy Street Productions

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